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702 Melrose St, Annapolis, MD 21401, United States

Urban Farmhouse

A beautiful home dating back to the old Miller’s farm. This quiet location provides a very pleasant amount of nature and peace, while being very near the centers of town.

Home Highlights

8 min Bike Ride to Campus

Have a bike? Definitely get one! — Part of the beauty of Annapolis, especially when you live at the “A-house” (Urban Farmhouse) , is the ability to ride to downtown.

You’re only 8 minutes or so from St. John’s College campus, and only 4 minutes from Navel Bagels for a morning study!

Quiet Neighborhood

Something to be really proud of, since it seems to be a rarity; is the quiet and peaceful landscape. Since the neighborhood used to be a big farm, the area is well distributed and got developed in a way that kept the Urban Farmhouse with its spaciousness.

If you’re studying; its a great place to read.

Beautiful & Tranquil Yards

The huge front yard and ample backyard are both wonderful places to lounge and study. They have been lovingly cared for by the homeowner for many years; which has allowed for a lush sanctuary vibe to flourish in the rear areas. Overlooking the greenery are wonderful porches and patios.

You’ll find many options for yourself.

Community Kitchen and House Events

The Urban Farmhouse has a lovely community kitchen with an abundance of shared resources; from cookware and utensils, to ingredients. If you want to put some new cool ingredient that you found up for sharing, just put a “smiley face” sticker on it, and its free game!

Work Opportunities

Our structure and network allows us to also have great access to different local and remote businesses.

This provides a unique benefit for those looking to find work; depending on skillsets and opporunities, there may be openings for the right people.

Co-living Structure

This house is managed under a co-living structure which means each member in the household has applied to live here and accepts specific rules and guidelines.

In that case, all interested parties must apply and be approved.

Available Rooms

Master Bedroom + Parking Spot

Room #4

+$50/Month for Parking Space